Insightful Tarot Readings.              Intuitive Life Coaching.             Practical Guidance.


I will describe techniques, coaching methods, and how I use tarot and other tools during a session.  Patience!  Keep your eye on the feather!


TAROT - A deck of cards to study your soul.

Tarot is great to read the energy of a situation, identify underlying motives, and bring to light what is really in your heart and mind.  The cards look into past, present, and potential future situations to assist you with making the best decisions for yourself.  Tarot spreads can be used for any session!  I can read with Marseille, Rider-Waite Smith, and Thoth systems.  

I describe my favorite deck at the bottom of this page!

PLAYING CARD FORTUNES - A deck of cards to cut through the bulls!t.

A playing card fortune deck is great if you want blunt, practical answers to your daily challenges.  These old-school divination methods have a rich tradition in cartomancy and are known for their literal, detailed answers.  I can read with Lenormand, Hermes, and regular playing cards!  I only offer playing card fortune readings in sun sessions and emailed fortune sessions.

ORACLE - A deck of cards for ultimate woo guidance!

Oracle decks are known for being more fluid, intuitive, and guidance-based.  Many connect to fairies, angels, animal spirits, chakras, and other aspects of spirituality.  I own a few oracle decks, and they are great for healing, gentle guidance, and seeing the bigger message in life's challenges.  I can use oracle decks in any session.  However, they are a focus in star sessions.