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Choose which type of session(sun, moon, star,) you want. 


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You will receive a pdf  that includes a session summary and photos of all spreads.

All sessions held on FaceTime, Zoom, or in-person!


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By purchasing any of my services you agree to the following:

You are eighteen years old or older.

You acknowledge that my services do not replace health (physical or mental), legal, or financial        

 advice from a licensed professional.  I am not legally accountable for any decision you make or do not make.

I, your wooey tarot slinging life coach, do not guarantee specific results or outcomes about any aspect of your life.  (Shucks!)


30 Minutes - $35.00        Up to two questions.

60 Minutes - $60.00       Up to four questions.

Purchase either session here.

Note! - I also use playing card fortunetelling decks, Lenormand, dice, charmcasting, and other divination methods during a reading as needed!  


Sessions that combine coaching and tarot.

                  SUN SESSION

                 Discover your life purpose.


                      90 Minutes

                      PURCHASE HERE

What needs light?

A sun session combines standard life coaching methods with divination tools to move you forward with your career and romance goals.  Sun sessions are outward, goal-oriented, and motivating.   I use tarot and oracle decks during sun sessions.  This session is great for first-time buyers! 

                MOON SESSION

Release guilt and anger .


90 Minutes


What do you see in your shadow?

A moon session explores your subconscious limiting beliefs that interfere with your progress and sense of wellbeing.  Often called shadow work, a moon session will examine patterned behaviors, challenge limiting beliefs, and increase knowledge of your shadow self.    Scared?  Don't be! Our worst fears often end up being no scarier than Cookie Monster.

                STAR SESSION

                  Heal emotional wounds.  

$35.00 Special Price 

40 minutes


               What can close the wound?

Happiness can feel remote like a star.  Deep emotional pain, despair, and grief can make healing and inner peace seem     distant.  However, the ability to close these wounds is within you.  A star session helps you move from hopelessness to hope to something even greater.

            LOVE SESSION

           A session on your love life.


 A love session offers guidance on your romance

and love life.  


 60 Minutes



A session on your career and work life.

A career session offers clarity on your job,

work life, career, and passions. 


60 Minutes


            SPIRIT SESSION

          A session on spirit contact.

A spirit session connects you with departed loved ones, ancestors, past lives, animal guides, and others who reside in unseen realms.


60 Minutes


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