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Policies and Ethics.

Because Plato Said So!



I only accept cash or checks from in-person sessions.  Online sessions must pay using the links on my 

I must receive payment for all services before they occur.  Email me if you want to discuss whether my services would be a fit for your needs.


I do not offer a cancellation option at this time.  Once you pay, you gotta show up! 

No Show

You forgot to show up!  It happens.  You can reschedule if you email me.  However, keep in mind that you will not receive a refund for the session.  


You arrived late!  Again, it happens.  I will recommend that we reschedule the session if you are more than ten minutes late. 


If you are satisfied with your session, rock-n-rollerblade!  If not, sad trombone!  I do not offer refunds for sessions that you do not like. I will do my best to give each client a worthwhile session.  Keep in mind that payment is for the service.


I don't offer any!  All sales are as final as The World card in the last position of a celtic cross spread!  Hey, better than Ten of Swords!


I will encourage you to use your agency and free will. 

I do not use coaching, tarot, and other divination tools to tell clients what to do.

I will maintain firm client confidentiality.

I will keep your business as exactly that!  Yours!

I will create an open, accepting, non judgemental space.

Bring your hangups, your insecurities, your WTF, and your garbage.  The more you are willing to face these aspects of yourself, the quicker you can clear them from your life! 

 I will continually grow and learn how to best create a safe and affirming atmosphere for clients of all sexes, races, sexual identities, gender identities, disabilities, ethnicities, religious beliefs, and other aspects of identity.  

This is important.  Also, I have been on the receiving end of services that did not do this work.  I know how it feels.

 I will only offer services to individuals who are eighteen years old and older.

  There are readers and coaches who offer services to young individuals with a parent or guardian present.  I encourage you to research and find them if you or someone you want to purchase services for are under eighteen years old.

I will not give medical, legal or financial advice to any client as a part the session.

Please seek the appropriate licensed professional for such services!

I will not accept payment and offer services to any potential client if I feel that a session would not be appropriate or if I am not the right professional for the client.

However, I will assist you with finding the appropriate coach or service if I do not feel that mine are appropriate for you.


I encourage all clients to take notes of their session!

I encourage all clients to meditate for a few minutes before each session.  Or, take a few deep breaths!

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