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Q. How is coaching different from therapy or social work?

 Therapy targets diagnoses, treatment, and healing past issues.  Life coaching is forward-moving!   The two often compliment each other depending on the situation.

Note - I am not licensed to diagnose or treat any mental or physical condition!  Seek treatment for any diagnosis from the appropriate professional.

Q. You are going to make my life better?

 Nah.  You have the inner resources to make your life better.  Why should I take credit for that?

Q. Have you received training?

Absolutely!  Life Coaching is a self-regulated industry.  The International Coaching Federation, or ICF, is one of the major credentialing agencies.  I have completed over 100 ICF-certified training hours for life coaching.  I have been studying and using tarot for over 20 years.  Also, I learned and introduced Lenormand, playing card divination, charm casting, and dice casting into my practice during the past five years.  I attend workshops, read books, and mentor under experienced teachers to expand my training.


Q.  Divination?  Sh!t!

 I know!  However, divination has been used by human beings to make sense of their lives for much of recorded history.  What makes now any different?

Q. What are your beliefs on divination?

 I definitely believe that something outside our standard viewpoint is happening.  I have observed way too many revealed personal truths, enriched lives, and (yes) predicted outcomes to say anything but.

Q. I follow a specific religion, philosophy, or belief system.  How are you with that?

Welcome to Bard Coaching!  I accept and embrace all religions, spiritualities, and life philosophies.  

Q. I think divination is bullpoo!  What now?

Welcome to Bard Coaching!  Many nonbelievers use tarot readings for creativity development, idea generation, and other matters.  Many tarot and other divination systems contain an abundance of historical concepts, philosophical ideas, literary metaphors, and unique imagery.  There is likely something in there for those who don't want the woo!   Also, I can hold a coaching session without divination if you prefer.  

Q. I believe that garden gnomes become real at night and whisper prophecies in my ear!  Got it?

 Of course!  Welcome to Bard Coaching!

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