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Coaching Sessions.

Here we are!  Please read each section (Process, Disclaimer, Session Descriptions) before making a purchase!  


Choose which type of session(sun, moon  star, stork, fortune, bard, spirit, life harvest) you want. 


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You will receive a pdf  that includes a session summary and photos of all spreads.


By purchasing any of my services you agree to the following:

You are eighteen years old or older.

You acknowledge that my services do not replace health (physical or mental), legal, or financial        

 advice from a licensed professional.

I do not guarantee specific results or outcomes about any aspect of your life.  (Shucks!)


What needs more light?

 30 Minutes - $40.00       

 60 Minutes - $70.00    




Sun sessions motivate you.

A sun session combines standard life coaching methods with divination tools to move you forward with your life            goals.  Sun sessions are outward, goal-oriented, and motivating.   I use tarot and oracle decks during sun sessions.  This session is great for first-time buyers!


You might be interested in a sun session for the following reasons:

- You want to make a career change or advance in your current job.

 - You want to prioritize your passions.

 - You want to live life more boldly using your strengths.

 - You need motivational assistance with a life goal.




What do you see in your shadow?

30 Minutes - $40.00

60 Minutes - $70.00


Moon sessions explore your unconscious.

A moon session explores your subconscious limiting beliefs that interfere with your progress and sense of wellbeing.  Often called shadow work, a moon session will examine patterned behaviors, challenge limiting beliefs, and increase knowledge of your shadow self.    Scared?  Don't be!  

You might be drawn to a moon session for the following reasons:

 - History seems to repeat itself in your love life, work life, or other areas.

 - You are aware that your thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs are blocking you from progress.

 - You are prepared to make peace with your perceived faults, imperfections, and other aspects of your shadow.


- You believe it is time to forgive yourself (ugh!).                                                                        



What can close the wound?

 30 Minutes - $40.00

 60 Minutes - $70.00


Star sessions heal emotional wounds.

Happiness can feel remote like a star.  Deep emotional pain, despair, and grief can make healing and inner peace seem     distant.  However, the ability to close these wounds is within you.  A star session helps you move from hopelessness to hope to something even greater.


You might purchase a star session for the following reasons:

 - You are grieving the loss of a loved one.

 - You feel heart-broken over the end of a relationship.

  - You are wanting to close old emotional wounds.

  - You want to discover your inner child again.

  - You believe that you deserve to feel joy again.



Want a down-to-earth answer?

20 Minutes - $30.00

40 Minutes - $45.00




Fortune Sessions offer blunt, no bullsh!t answers.

A fortune session offers quick, practical answers to everyday life situations.  These sessions are great or those who want a sharp, snappy  answer to a specific situation going on in their lives.  

Crystal ball time, people!

  You might want a fortune session for the following reasons:

 - You want to know how an upcoming date will go.

 - You desire to know your chances of getting a job that  you want.

 - You want to locate a lost object.

 - You are itching to know the whens and whats of a situation in your life!


What do you mean to each other?

 30 Minutes - $30.00 per person

60 Minutes - $45.00 per person


Stork Sessions rebuild relationships.

This is a group coaching and divination session.  At least two people must participate!

Storks are known for their loyalty, social bonds, and sense of family.  Home, familial bonds, the delivery of children, migration, and positive transformation are connected with the bird.  Miscommunications, different intentions, and confused expectations can result in some challenging situations with our loved ones.  Stork Sessions  provide space and guidance to strengthen bonds, repair communication challenges, and rebuild the nest!


  All definitions of family are accepted and respected. 


 You might want a Stork Session for the following reasons:

 - You and your partner(s) want to communicate better.

 - You want to strengthen your bond with a sibling, parent, or child.

 - You want to keep connections with a group of friends.

 - You and a loved one want guidance with solving a disagreement.


Spirit sessions will be totally woo!

Coming Soon!


Sessions Package

Price - $250.00


The sessions package includes an intake session, four sessions of your choice, and email correspondence between sessions.

The sessions package is for you if you want to make substantial, lasting changes within a certain amount of time.