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In Praise of Virgo!

Posted on September 22, 2020 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (5)

Venus enters Virgo today!

The month of September was the season of Virgo.

I am fortunate to have many friends and family members born under the sign of the crop-choppin' virgin!

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and connected to The Hermit from tarot. Mercury is ruled by The Magician!  Many believe the planetoid Ceres should be the co-ruler of Virgo. I am one of them! Who better than a goddess of the harvest?

Virgo's love of learning, nature, beauty, and self-development is wonderful.  Also, every Virgo I know loves and accepts tarot, astrology, witchcraft, the occult, and any other piece of spiritual woo.  Many assume that earth signs are more resistant to the metaphysical arts.  Virgos are connected to development of the self and our entire planet.  Of course they will take interest in the betterment of life!

Virgo proves that abundance is definitely found in the details!  Those beautiful homes, cuisine meals, and fashionable clothes you see in magazines and dream about?  Virgos make those a reality!  

Many claim that their laser-sharp focus on the details can make them a bit nitpicky.  However, think of all the times a Virgo saved the day by making sure the details were in order!  

A big picture is nothing without specifics!  Virgos, you know what I am talking about!

Also, many might believe that Virgos can be hard on themselves.  

However, many Virgos truly believe that humankind can always improve and better itself.  

How often do we humans settle for less than what we are worth?  Virgos know when we do this.  Many are bold enough to call others out on it!  What a gift!

Many Virgos believe in service.  Providing support, resources, and practical guidance is truly a gift of every Virgo I know.  Virgos might know when such service is being taken for granted.  They believe in what they offer so much that they can let it slide.  

That is truly egoless, everyone!  

Virgos are one of the most loyal signs I know.  A Virgo often excels when it comes to friendships and romances that last a lifetime.  

I find Virgos to have one of the strongest connections to their inner child of all the signs.  Many demonstrate a youthful excitement for the wonders that life has to offer.  I can best enjoy a rainbow, a sunny day, or a climb up a tree with a Virgo!  The small joys in life do not pass them by!

Many Virgos will support you and expect nothing in return.  This is a rarity with most humans.  A Virgo rarely gives up on others!  They will bring you in from the rain, whipe the mud off your clothes, and feed you well because they believe in you.  Nothing more or less.

Want to know how to value a Virgo?

Do something for them and mean it.

Clean their house.  Compliment them.  Purchase a gift for them out of nowhere!  They will feel genuinely touched and value you as much in return.

Virgos!  I am so lucky to have each and very one of you in my life.  You always inspire me to be a better individual.  Your earnesty, eye for details, connection to nature, and love of life are invaluable to humankind!  

Many believe a better world will eventually manifest from our current world challenge.

I cannot think of a better sign than Virgo to show us the way.

Also, always remind me when I need to whipe my chin, shave closer, and press my clothes!  

In Praise of Leo!

Posted on August 22, 2020 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Leo Season concudes today!

I have many friends and wonderful clients born under this sign. Both The Sun and Strength from Tarot connect Leo.  I will show images of each card as I gush!

Many of you know Tarot of the Cat People.  It was my first tarot deck gifted over twenty years ago.  

Unsurprisingly, a Leo gave it to me!

Many might say that Leos behave like they are royalty.  What an invigorating way to live!  Guess what?  

They treat others like royalty also.

Shining a light on others is something they do beautifully.  It is in their heart.  How can it be any other way?

Leos believe that every human was born on this planet a Queen, King, Prince, and Princess!  No room for dukes and duchesses!

I celebrated the inner child this month.  Every Leo I know can access their inner child in ways that inspire me! 

Sure, a Leo can get hurt or bogged  down with challenges.  However, their ability to pick themselves back up and shine their light is such a great way to live.

The generosity of a Leo is wonderful!  They know how to treat their loved ones!  Never take this for granted! The loyalty of a Leo is something to behold.  Their friends are often companions for life!

Leos love compliments!  How am I doing so far?

Leos know how to make an entrance!  They can simply walk inside a room and everyone notices them.  Also, Leos are great listeners.  It is rare that I talk with a Leo and feel unheard afterwards!

Leos, you bring so much to this world!  The Sun brings light, vitality, growth, nourishment, and abundance.  You bring all of that and more! 

Also, your lion manes are fierce!

Not a Leo card!  However, the image is great!

Much gratitude for every one of you!  

Find a Leo and roll out the red carpet for them!  They will roll out an even more beautiful carpet for you in return!  I am a better person for each and every one of you in my life, proud Leonines!  Much love!  Keep roaring!  Keep purring!  Keep illuminating your warm, wonderful spirits!


Your Inner Child - When a Childhood Friend Passes On

Posted on July 24, 2020 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (1)

Warm tears streamed down my cheeks when I discovered my chilhdood friend passed on.  My hand trembled as it attempted to move the fork in my mouth to eat another bite.  I dropped the fork and excused myself from the restrauant table.

The goal?  Composure, for eff sake! 

Years of public education, nonprofit work, an abundance of air planets in my chart, law of attraction books, Eastern philosophy teachings, male social conditioning, and even my life coach training convinced me to think my way out of feeling.  Emotions can be counseled through wisdom, distance, and perspective!

I was a good King of Cups!

I quickly ran inside the restroom to gain my composure.  Predictably, I lost my calm face even further.  I crumbled on the bathroom floor as grief broke the dam around my heart and flooded my entire being . 

The memory of two boys in the forest was forcing me to feel the grief and remember myself.

The reaper (I will give him the benefit of the doubt and not call him grim!) entered my life and had quite a harvest the past few years. I lost my father, a brother, both my cat companions, a program I built, a past student, and two friends.  There are photos of me with fellow LGBTQIA community  members from the 90s and I am the only one alive in the photos.  Each experience brought its own brand of grief, wisdom, pain, and growth.  

The death of my childhood comrade?  This was something else.   


We met each other when we were barely a year old. Or so we were told.  We felt like two apples that fell from the same branch. 

Or, maybe we hatched from the same cosmic egg!

We knew each other and experienced the world before norms, expectations, societal identities, the values of others, and other social constructs sunk their talons into us. 

Remember the movie Stand by Me?  I was definitely the Will Wheaton to his River Phoenix.  Now, he is a river and a phoenix.

Let's call my childhood friend River.  Typing his given name feels a bit too tender.

We spent years exploring the woods near our homes, befriending the woodland animals, wading our feet in ponds, and creating an imaginary friend or two.  He made me tell him stories at night before we went to bed.  I remember us laughing at cartoons.

 I likely laughed with him more than I have in my adult life, and I laugh a lot.

We knew the inner strength of the other before the world defined what strength is and is not.  River was known for introducing himself to others by squeezing their cheeks and reminding them to smile.

Often, inner strength is finding a reason to smile despite your circumstances!

Much of our time was spent in nature.  We might have been nature spirits then.  Who knows?

We consoled each other when one of us fell down, cried when the other cried, and protected one another from the infamous, slapsticky antics of older brothers!  

Those years felt endless.  

Time went on. Those imaginary monsters under the bed that are figments of our fears?  They proved themselves a bit more real than anyone wants to admit.  

River developed drinking and drug issues by the time we entered high school.  Anger and aggression often came through him as it does with many men and their traumas.  I discovered I was gay in high school.  Being queer in the 80s and 90s meant moving somewhere else and forgetting parts of where I came from.  Before I left for college, I visited River and a few of his other friends at a party. 

Out of nowhere, he announced the following declaration,

"If any of you came out as gay, I would kick anyone's ass who would try to kick your ass!"

What a great shot of confidence in the ass!

I went to college and experienced the challenges, traumas, and scattered triumphs many queer young adults faced at the time.  River futher sunk into substance abuse and anger.  

He got into a car crash and lost use of one of his arms.  Afterwards came years of rehab, depression, and other mountains. These challenges did not define him.  He also became a father, learned guitar, worked in technology, and remained friends with all the forest animals.

Adulthood came.  I still visited him at least once a year for many years.  Both of us became wiser, wittier, and a bit more scarred and wounded.  We held a bond that is unique to other relationships.  

River and I endured the monsters under the bed and in the closet!  We triumphed despite our shadows and wounds!

He came to see my father during his final days and broke into tears.    Both he and his older brother told us that my family helped raise them.  You often don't realize the impact you have on others until the reaper comes to harvest. 

River died a few months after my father.

His death brought out that boy who told River stories at night under the stars, adopted and raised a turtle with him, and rescued injured animals from the road together.  

My inner child had awakened.  He is a part of me that experiences the world with heart, wonder, fear, and no irony.

It was a Tower moment.

I attended his funeral.  His brother came to me and said something I will never forget,

"You are in so many photos with him.  There were two times in his life when he was happy.  One was when his son was born.  The other was his childhood with you, Phil."

You might know a bit about Mercury retrograde. Communication challenges!  Technology hiccups!  Or, Venus retrograde and its warrior of love aspects!

We are now in Chiron retrograde.

Chiron was a centaur in Greek mythology known for his skills in healing wounds.  He was also a protector of children.  Many called him a wounded healer.  He healed others because he knew what a wound can do to the body, mind, and heart.

In astrology, Chiron is the name of a celestial body that connects to your core wound in this current lifetime.  Also, it describes your ability to heal others! 

Many believe that Chiron retrograde brings a wonderful opportunity to mend this core emotional wound.

One way to do this is to access your inner child, 

Scary, a bit silly, somewhat embarrassing, and nonetheless wonderful, right?  Many cannot break the addictions, limiting beliefs, and inner demons that haunt them, let alone know what caused them.

Your inner child might know the answer.  It remembers the first time you laughed and the first time you were afraid.  Your inner child knows the first time you felt pain, felt rejection, felt happy, and felt love.

Who were you before you "grew up"?  

Too many are experiencing amplified depression, anxiety, and hopelessness in our current global challenge.  The line outside the liquor store across the street keeps growing.  Others are experiencing relapses with addictions, anger, and other habits that they feel ashamed of.  The first question new clients sometimes ask is, "When will this end?"

My answer?

This global challenge will end when it does.  However, you are forever!

That is why I created a session that focuses on inner child work.  I use tarot decks that access your inner child and an oracle deck called "The Peartree Oracle" that is both pastoral and fantastical.

The session is meant to take you back to a time when your forever self was your only self.

The world that is experiencing a pandemic, political upheaval, isolation, traumatic attacks on human rights, and economic collapse?  It remains a world where your inner child felt joy when it climbed a tree, felt the sunshine, ran in the rain, and made a new friend.

I cannot remember if I ever told River that I loved him and he remains a brother to me.  It was likely a given at the time.  

I love you, River.  You were the best apple to fall off a tree with.  I will start giving names to forest animals again in your honor.

Two of Cups is a card from tarot that often indicates a strong connection between two individuals.  Many decks show two individuals toasting to their romance, friendship, marriage, or other socially created connection.

The Two of Cups from Tarot of the Little Prince says so much.

The Prince is surrounded by a dying, barren land.  His only relationship is with a single rose that grows from the earth despite the crumbling landscape.  The prince pours his heart from his cup into the cup of the rose.  That way, the flower can grow and prosper.  From their hearts a new world is born!

River, I will use our time together well.  I will use it to grow this world into something better than it was before.  Our planet must remember itself.  I will do my best.  With your memory in my heart, my best might be enough!

What can your inner child tell you about your hopes, your fears, and your heart right now?

The Tarot of the Little Prince published by Llewellyn Worldwide!

Tarot, Jupiter, Pluto, Sea Goats, and Our Current World

Posted on June 20, 2020 at 3:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Ten of Pentacles.       Death.        Wheel of Fortune.  

These cards kept appearing in readings days before the world changed, potentially forever.

They kept appearing in readings just days before the pandemic.  It did not matter which tarot system or deck I used. The question did not matter.  These cards wanted to communicate!

I received a similar message with my Lenormand cards.  However, I will save that for another post!

The Death card is sometimes described as a card of transformation. While often true, the hacking of the scythe across our land, our resources, our health, and our identities is felt globally.  The reaper from the card always had its scythe directed toward Ten of Pentacles/Coins. The Wheel of Fortune was always nearby.

 The classic Rider-Waite system and other decks connect Ten of Pentacles to family inheritance, wealth, accumulated resources, business environments, and financial strength.  Meanwhile, the Wheel of Fortune often indicates huge. macrocosmic, outside forces at work that are beyond our personal control. 

Many expected The Tower, or Ten of Swords, or The Devil!  I did draw The Tower as a daily when the shutdown began.  However, it was Death, Ten of Pentacles, and Wheel of Fortune that kept making themselves known in both personal and client readings.  

       The Thoth system took it further.


 Things get interesting with Ten of Disks in the Thoth deck!


On Ten of Disks in the Thoth deck, Crowley himself writes,

"...acquired wealth, being inert, will be dissipated unless put to further use by devoting its power to obects other than mere accumulation....the image indicates the futility of material gain."

In the Hermetic Kabbalic Tree of Life, the Thoth Tarot System places Ten of Disks at the bottom due to it being the final card in the deck. It has nowhere to go unlike other cards.

 Therefore, its only option is to dissipate and become reborn.

                                  Marseille had its own spin.

The two pairs of fives that create ten coins in the Marseille deck indiciate the highest form of resources, earned through hardship, sometimes trickery, and often dominance. That highest form is now being cut away so something different can grow.

Marseille systems often lean into numerology. The number ten is an ending and a beginning.

 When you deoncstruct the number 10 you get the following formula...


10 is 1 plus 0 equals 1.

So did Tarot of the Silicon Dawn, which is a system and class of its own.

Ten of Pentacles is represented as a Queen of the Galaxy!  However, Death seems assured it can take her on.

   I believe the image below sums up the three cards for our new world.

You might have heard about current planetary placements like Saturn in Aquarius, Pluto in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces connected to past simiar upheavals such as the Rodney King trials, the American Revolution, and the Fall of Rome.  Capricorn is conjunct in Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and likely every other piece of space debris until December.  

Jupiter Pluto conjuncts have happened during the following historical pandemics...

The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic

The 1981 HIV Outbreak

Russian Plague of 1771

Black Death of 14th Century

Plague of Athens 430-427 BC

Jupiter, the Roman God of the Heavens, side by side with Pluto, God of the Underworld!

It is almost as if Heaven and Hell meet and a pandemic is the result.  

Capricorn was involved in many of these placements.

Capricorn represents government, wealth, and structures in global astrology.  Cap, you are quite the seagoat!  In ancient Sumerian mythology, the seagoat symbolized intelligence, ambition, and steadiness.

Also, the seagoat was a symbol for the remarkable ability to survive in hostile, supposedly unlivable environments.

I am interested in recurring cards or messages you received if you are a card reader, astrologer, astrologist, charm caster, inuitive, psychic, or medium. Share your thoughts in the comments if you want! Also, tell a Capricorn that they bring so much good to the world if you know one. Strong humans, they are!


Or, tell the same to a living, breathing sea goat if you are acquianted with any.

It All Comes Back to Bambi.

Posted on April 6, 2020 at 4:15 AM Comments comments (1)

What a time for a first blog, right?

I kept telling myself as I created this website and worked with in-person clients that a blog is a great idea!  However, I kept letting it slide in fear of it being more of a blahg.

You read that correctly.

Not a blog, a blahg.

I did not want to repeat something you can read in hundreds of others blogs.  I was unsure what to really say and where to start.  A writeup that is not truly personal, that was not written with an earnest intention, is not a blog.  

It is a blahg.  A big ole blah with a g on the end.  So, empty my blogpage remained!

I suppose a global challenge will inspire anyone to start writing from the heart.

Many are already offering the big, cosmic reasons for our current global shitshow.  

"The collective negative energy of the global conscious grew and resulted in this!"

"Everyone's karma from a thousand past lives is crawling from the universal grave!"

"This is a time when we are challenged to truly shine our light and show everyone our eternal selves!"

Good stuff!  It works well for many.

However, you won't get those types of answers from me. Like everyone, I am experiencing good days and days that can feel challenging.  I have moments of "I got this down!" and then moments of uncertainty with what a next step even is.  The only consistency is my new  "did not get a haircut before the hairstyling places closed" hairstyle!  I am looking more and more like a fraggle every day.

Sure, I have some theories on the bigger picture with this world challenge, but I truly do not know the reasons.  An Aquarius said he did not know! Take note! :o  You might wonder what a tarot slinging life coach who claims no answers and admits to moments of mental paralysis can offer.

How about a point of view?

Let's go back to Bambi.  

Stay with me.  

Bambi!  The famous all ages movie about a fawn who frolics in the woods, experiences the unpredictable harshness of humanity and nature, makes lifelong connections with a rabbit named  Thumper and Flower the skunk, grows big antlers, rescues his friends from a friggin forest fire, becomes a father, and ultimately reigns as the new Great Prince of the Forest!  Bambi is a son,  a father, a Prince, a stag, a fawn, a friend, a fighter, and so much more.

Aaaaand most do not remember any of that with Bambi.  They remember a helpless fawn wheeping over his deceased mother.

The movie offers so much, and that is the one scene that is imprinted on so many.

I believe the scene is the first time that many see how life can be unpredicable, sudden, unfair, heartbreaking, and beyond our control.  We learn very quickly the ups, downs, and sideways of life .  Sometimes we feel like a powerful Forest Prince/ss.  Other times, we feel like a helpless fawn. That can feel real effin scary.

Many of us feel more alone than we deserve to feel.  

Many are spending ample time with their shadows and regrets.  Others are worried about their homes, their jobs, and the uncertainty of their lives.

No one should tell you to not feel this way.  Feel everything you feel!  However, it might serve you well to remember the fullness of who you are.  

We have all been that vulnerable fawn in life.  We have also made cherished friendships, succeeded when we thought we wouldn't, fallen in love, fallen on our arses, and gotten back up after a good indulgent whine.

We humans are so much.  

If you are in despair.  If you believe the world will never be the same.  If you are feeling totally powerless.  Try one thing.

Remember yourself.

All of who you are.  Not just your current situation.  

You are a resourceful individual who is experiencing a complex, and sometimes wonderful, life.  Remember your strengths.  Remember your hard-earned growing pains.  Remember each time you saved the day.  

You are more than this current situation.  Always were, always will be.

Now, watch some fun Youtube videos of deer chasing hunters who tried to shoot them! Deer know how to give PAYBACK!




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