Insightful Tarot Readings.              Intuitive Life Coaching.             Practical Guidance.


Bard Coaching uses coaching and divination techniques to help individuals identify their strengths, increase self-awareness, and create a life worth living.



It is important that I  deliver honest, genuine services that clearly define how clients will benefit.  


I strive to maintain a business that does not fall into the ugly side of capitalism.  I will avoid marketing that focuses on competitiveness, human insecurities (Will he come back to me?), and lack mentality (Not rich enough!  Not thin enough! ).

Steady Commerce

Coaching and divination are person-centered practices.  The majority of my services focus directly on the individual who purchased my services.  I did not create a metaphysical coaching practice for quick wealth, a bunch of passive income, and impersonal products. However, expect to pay a fair price for my services.   I study paganism, taoism, neoplatonism, and other topics.  Can these coexist with small business practices?  Oh yeah!

Mindful Purchases

Coaching and divination are meant to improve one's life.  I created a variety of sessions that fit a variety of needs.  Take your time as you browse!

Social Progress

I will strive to maintain a business that contributes to the goals of equality, conscious growth, and social change.  Our world has much progress to make, and I am on board to contribute.  


Cliff Notes

I have worked as a teacher, writer, performer, and coach for over a decade.  I have been working with tarot for over twenty years and other divination systems for five years.  I  believe in and utilize the powers of imagination, intuition and storytelling .  I thought now was the time to merge them into a coaching and divination practice.


 Some in the field of divination like to distance themselves from the new age, paganism, esotericism, and other connected areas considered woo. 

 Others like to roll around in fairy dust before a session.

 I believe that a client deserves a session tailored to their beliefs,  viewpoints, experiences, and inner knowing.  If you spend 75% of your day in a yoga pose, you will find services you connect with here.  If you want to invoke your spirit guides, angels, and deities, great!  If you want a session without the woo, welcome!


 Using creativity and intuition to serve others is a passion.  I will always strive  to ensure that every client leaves my sessions feeling stronger, wiser, and happier.   




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