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 Welcome to Bard Coaching!  I offer intuitive life coaching, insightful tarot readings, and practical guidance for those who want to live a meaningful life, transform their fears into courage, receive insight on their potential futures, and make peace with their shadows. 

Small stuff, right?  

 Take a look around, read my blog below, and contact me with any questions.  Follow me on Facebook or Instagram for daily tarot draws and more.  Enjoy!

Coach Phil


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For our current world challenges.

Life Coach Grief Healing

               STAR SESSION

 A life coaching session to increase wellbeing in our current global challenge.


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This is a life coaching session to regain peace,

clarity, and hope in our current global

challenge.  Increasing inner peace, building resilience, and discovering joy again are the main goals.  Sessions are held on FaceTime or Zoom.I only use cards from a gentle oracle deck for this session.                                                                       

Emailed Tarot Reading


An emailed reading that answers one burning, simmering question. Ouch!


Receive a pdf document that answers one question of your choice.  The document includes a five-card tarot spread, a summary of each card as it relates to your question, and coaching questions to move you forward.  Expect your tarogram in 48 hours after purchase!  Faster than a modem in 1997!

Life Coach Light Worker

                 SUN SESSION

A coaching and tarot session on leveling up any area of your life.


You know, the usual stuff I throw down cards for!   Receive insight and guidance on any issues in your career and/or love life.  Sessions are held on FaceTime or Zoom.  This session is a great purchase for first-timers.  You receive a pdf document with brief summaries of your tarot readings that were done during the session!


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